Nowadays, one of the most painful and actively discussed questions is GR communication and lobbying in the world, and Ukrainian society is not an exception. Ukraine is developing in spheres of communication between business and government, which can be highly useful and actual in Ukrainian reality. One of the ways of communication between business and government is the II International GR Forum, which is the first and the only one platform in Ukraine by now. The II International GR Forum is a specific place where topics related to modern business tendencies, interaction of business and authority, lobbing the interests of Ukrainian business-association on the native and international market will be discussed. The first such Forum was ever conducted in Ukraine in June 5th 2015. As the part of the II International GR Forum we actualize the theme in different spheres, such as IT, agricultural and tax sectors, development etc. The main audiences are Ukrainian and international business, government officials, international and Ukrainian experts in GR and lobbying. The purpose of this Forum is the implementation of practices of Western countries, methods of correct communication between business and government, the adaptation of GR tools and practices.

main topics will be discussed:

1. The impact of the political situation in Ukraine on the business abroad.

2. Role of GR and lobbying in attracting foreign investments to the Ukrainian economy.

3. Further development of lobbying and GR in Ukraine.

4. The functioning of the Ukrainian Association of PR professionals and lobbyists and major vectors of its work.

We would like to invite you to participate in our Forum and take place in our discussing. Be the one who saw one of the most passionate GR and lobbying dialogue this year.